if a song was in shrek theres no way to un-associate it with shrek its forever going to be a shrek song

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Snsdad is snsad


The whole world of SM is slowly imploding on itself. where the fuck is Heechul to save us? 

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  • how to stop time: kiss
  • how to travel in time: read
  • how to escape time: music
  • how to feel time: write
  • how to waste time: social media


im hungrier than the neopet i neglected for 9 years

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kris: fuck SM.
jessica: fuck SM.
me: fuck SM.
sones: fuck SM.
exo-l: fuck SM.
kpop fandom: fuck SM.
obama: fuck SM.
my cat: fuck SM.
yg: LOL
jyp: *whispers* jyp

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when i was 9 i wrote a love letter to cole sprouse and closed my eyes and threw it out the car window thinking it’d magically find him and wow i did not understand the united states postal system 

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if one door opens and another door closes, your house is probably haunted

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New Benedict Cumberbatch Edit - from his tiff Studio portrait -